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Up-To-Date Rhino News!

food4Rhino news

With 188 apps available and 41.000 downloads in the last month, food4Rhino is the first Rhino plug-in and Grasshopper add-on site on the web. 

These are just the new and updated apps from last week:

LastElf, ImagineElf and Butterfly: complete suite for shoe design and manufacturing

3D Hubs Printing: directly export a 3D model from Rhino to 3D Hubs

Urban Network Analysis toolbox: create and edit urban networks

Iris: a WebGL Exporter for your Rhino models 

Kangaroo PhysicsLive Physics engine for interactive simulation, form-finding, optimization and constraint solving

Robots.IO: 1-click robotic milling

D.Loft: push-button developable lofting

Naval Architect Toolbox: Hull analysis and Hull balance

Robots.IO news

Intro to 1-Click Robotic Milling by Robots.IO

Generate tool paths in less than a second, with visual feedback to insure that you can run the robot. 

Robots.IO software helps you create beautifully milled materials. Stop clicking endlessly through windows forms, and start creating tool paths with 1-click:

  1. Built on Rhino – Proven CAD platform with over 500,000 users internationally.
  2. CAD linked to CAM – Changes to your design file can update the manufacturing simulation.
  3. Interactive Timeline – Color coded visual feedback to make sure the robot will run first time.

More news from Robots.IO:

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Introduction to Rhino 4, 5 & GH

Introduction to Rhino 4.0

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Introduction to Rhino 5.0

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Introduction to Grasshopper

Grasshopper Introduction

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