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Rhino + Grasshopper in the Architecture Process Webinar with Arturo De La Fuente for Rhino3D.Education


Rhino3D.Education invites you to a Rhino + Grasshopper in the Architecture Process Webinar with Arturo De La Fuente. 

Arturo graduated as an architect from the University of Buenos Aires where he is currently a professor of Parametric Design and adjunct professor in Structures III.

Additionally, he is a professor in Digital Tectonics and in the Architecture and Technology Program at the Escuela de Arquitectura y Estudios Urbanos Universidad Torcuato Di Tella. He has worked on projects such as Custom Design at MSH Group and the expansion of MoMA NYC. In addition, he is a consultant and instructor of Computational Design and Digital Manufacturing in different cities in Latin America.

In this webinar, Arturo will go through the different processes of optimization and problem-solving that he goes through daily in his professional practice as an architect and teacher in the field of computational design.

Date: Friday, December 4, 2020
Time: 11:00 am (EST)
Open to the public with prior registration.

Questions? Contact Lucia Miguel at lucia@mcneel.com

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Rhino training in Russia

SABIT, Authorized Rhino Reseller and Training Center has announced a series of training courses in Russia, from General NURBS Modelling to more specialized Jewelry and Architectural Design:

Click on the courses links for more info and registration...

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