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ITECH now accepting applications

ICD - Institut für Computerbasiertes Entwerfen und Baufertigung
Keplerstr. 11
D-70174 Stuttgart

Enroll now for Integrative Technologies & Architectural Design Research M.Sc. Programme (ITECH) October 2019. 

Application deadline: February 15, 2019

ITECH is a multidisciplinary, research-oriented, experiment-based programme shaped around contemporary aspects of the built environment.

The goal of the ITECH programme is to prepare a new generation of students from different disciplines for the continuing advancement of technological and computational processes in the development of the built environment through merging the fields of design, engineering, construction, and natural sciences.

By combining an intensive, critical, and analytical approach to computational design simulation and fabrication processes, the ITECH programme focuses on challenging the design space boundaries of current contemporary architectural and engineering practice. It seeks to examine the techniques, methods, and theories of design in engineering, robotics, digital manufacturing, material science, and biology.

The programme is open to students with a recognized Bachelor degree in architecture, architectural science, civil/structural engineering, urban planning, biology or biomimetics, environmental engineering or similar engineering or natural science degrees. All the programme courses are instructed in English.

Applications for enrollment in October 2019 are accepted until February 15th, 2019.

Job Opportunity at Kinetica - Mexico

Kinetica is looking for architects/industrial designers/engineers to join their computational design department!

Kinetica is a Mexican design studio focused on the development of custom solutions for non-standard architectural challenges, with a work that spans from consultancy services, design, and engineering, to manufacturing, production, and installation. They are looking for talented designers with extensive knowledge in Rhino, interested in fabrication, construction, computational design, complex geometries, and robotic fabrication.

Qualifications and requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree in architecture/industrial design/engineering.
  • Proficiency in 3D modeling with Rhino.
  • Excellent communication skills in English (both verbal and in writing).
  • Ability to work in a collaborative team environment.
  • Knowledge of macros/scripting in Rhino is a plus.
  • Advanced knowledge in Grasshopper is a plus.

To apply, please send your CV and Portfolios to Leonardo Nuevo-Arenas.

What is a RhinoFabStudio? RhinoFabStudio (fabrication studio) is a small-scale digital workshop, certified by McNeel, with an array of Rhino and Rhino compatible software and computer-controlled tools and training. These tools cover the various leading-edge industrial methods and materials needed to design, analyze, and fabricate almost anything.

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