best beginners tutorials for rhino 5 (osx version if possible ?)

hi there people :) im just wondering what the best beginners tutorials for rhino 5 (osx version if possible) would be ? ive downloaded the beta version for mac osx from rhino and would love to get my feet wet using the application but it seems all the visual tutorial videos on youtube ect are allready geared for people who have a grasp of the basics, and seeing as i have no prior expierience im finding it hard to get started (i had a little expierience using lightwave over a decade ago but have forgotten most of it now) if anybody could steer me in the right direction it would be greatly apreciated :) thanks in advance

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Maybe you can try: Rhino 5 Level 1 training guide (

I don't know if anyone created a tutorial directly to Rhino OSX, but if the goal is start using Rhino, I recommend you to try this one

thanks for your sugestion ;) il check it out

Hi Gary,

I'm in the same situation....although I am very happy with rhino for mac, I do feel that it lacks support for us beginners. Anyway I did come across these guys... they make some very nice video tutorials.

Also check out t-splines... found it very interesting.

Kind regards,


thanks a million vincent ;) i will check theese out for sure (the t-splines vid is pretty interesting), im practicaly at the point of buying a pc and paying a tutor just so i can learn rhino  (dont realy have to money to blow at the moment though lol) cheers

After that I would go on to buy his 'The Essentials' video bundle - The best $50 I've ever spent!

Very good tutorials.


The best way to learn, teach, and share.

Visual Tips V.5

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Introduction to Rhino 4, 5 & GH

Introduction to Rhino 4.0

Quick introduction to Rhino 4.0

Introduction to Rhino 5.0

Quick introduction to Rhino 5


Rhino Visual Tips 5.0!

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Introduction to Grasshopper

Grasshopper Introduction

Photos of some tutorials

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