Nudge key combinations don't work as depicted in RhinoVisualTips_5>06_05_Nudge-2.mp4

While trying to duplicate the steps in the video 06_05_Nudge-2.mp4 included in RhinoVisualTips_5, I find that the key combinations do not appear to work on my system as depicted:

Gateway NV55C laptop, Windows 7 Home Premium

When I try the Alt + >/End, Alt + </Home, Alt + ^/Pg Up or Alt + ˅/Pg Dn keys, it works as depicted. (These keys are not those multi-function keys on the number keypad [2, 4, 6, 8] which seem to have no effect when used in combination with the Alt key at all.)

When I try the Alt + Ctrl + >/End keys, the display goes black momentarily and the image flips 90 degrees CW.

When I try the Alt + Ctrl + </Home keys, the display goes black momentarily and the image flips 90 degrees CCW.

To reset the display, I use Alt + Ctrl + ^/Pg Up or Alt + Ctrl + ˅/Pg Dn keys.

I know that having this functionality is going to be very useful, and would like to be able to use it fully.

Is there an adjustment to a setting somewhere that I can make to correct this?


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I do not know if you can change it… sorry!

Thanks for your reply.

I believe the problem would be solved if I used a "real" keyboard, e.g. One used on desktop computers. I've purchased a USB keyboard online which should arrive soon. I'll keep you posted.


The new USB keyboard did not help solve my problem. I searched the web for "rotate display ctrl +" and I found that Hot Keys were enabled. Once I disabled Hot Keys, the problem was solved!

Hi there mate... Probably you already solved this problem a long ago... However this answer might help other as well so here it goes....
The combination keys is a method for using a certain function while you are in another work... What is going on is that the combination keys for that specific function in Rhino is also associated with another software function that you have installed.... I mean before you had Rhinoceros installed in your computer you already had another software that used that combination of keys to do that (rotate screen whatever) so you must change one of those combinations in the settings of the software you choose to change)
If you close Rhinoceros and go to the desktop and you press the combination key you can check if it is associated with other software.
Vasco. Bye


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