I am writing to ask how to make multiple copies of a curve rotated about an axis.

I have just begun evaluating Rhino 5 and Grasshopper. I have succeeded in generating a curve in the X-Y plane using Grasshopper, baked it, joined the segments in Rhino and have extruded it along the Z-axis.

I need multiple, i.e. 9 copies of the extruded curve rotated uniformly about the Z-axis, i.e. 40 degrees apart. I have succeeded in rotating a single copy, but haven't yet found how to generate multiple copies.

I am very grateful for these powerful tools and for any assistance you can offer.



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You have to make a list of Values, Sample: 0, 40, 80, 120 etc... So, you can use a Series to generate those values, make sure to set the rotation to Degrees...


Thank you, Andres. I am attempting to model the sunflower phyllotaxis, which has 55 golden spirals going clockwise and 34 spirals counter-clockwise. I found that Trasform>Array>Polar worked well for me.

Thanks again ~ David



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