K .. I'm gonna take a stab here at some brutal honesty with myself .. 

Now I can submit that I have a pretty decent .edu backing me ..

4 years undergrad (history major) at U of Michigan (Ann Arbor)

and a J.D. in 2007 from NYLS in Tribeca, NY ..

I practice law in the area of Trademarks, Entertainment, Media and Advertising (Licensing, etc.)

But unlike most every other attorney out there .. I am actually an artist .. thru and thru .. to the bones of my heart .. and nothing can or will ever change the facts ..

Now, my topic for discussion .. in "DIGITAL LITERACY"

So, what I mean is .. here is an interesting area of my education where I lack even the most basic, rudimentary tools and knowledge of the state of the art.

What I mean is, I have no experience in programming, digital design, advanced graphics software, gaming .. 

I am a most visual person .. but I have hardly begun to integrate the digital medium within my scope of vision and my tool set ..

I am literally drawing by hand .. pencil, pen, and notepad ..

Now, my education in Liberal Arts (history, religion, life sciences, etc.) has most definitely exposed me to the world's most exquisite cultural and sociological traditions throughout time, the Cosmos, the Earth, etc.

Now, I have taken all this "info" and condensed it .. indeed "INTEGRATED" the concepts into a fairly uniform, straightforward, visual 3D model based on elementary geometry, sacred geometry, etc.


SO, the objective I am laying before ourselves, as a RHINO COMMUNITY, is to get this project underway and advancing into whatever realms it may naturally tend to.

THE DESIGN is based on a perfect 25 square CUBE, around the 0 Point.

Within the CUBE, exists a myriad of shapes and ideas, and representations of the principles for which I have been writing about in my blog, at www.brianperoff.tumblr.com

Essentially, as the mathematics and geometry are developed and unfolded, a pyramid-star emerges, which I have enthusiastically coined with the name "STAR OF BRIAN" indeed after my own self .. since I am doing all this .. and to my own bewilderment .. indeed my own entertainment .. it rings true with the STAR OF DAVID .. for my dearest older brother's name is ... David .. (little brother is Michael).

So it is the Star of Brian .. it is me .. and it is the representation of everything I can truly hope to express in the world.

It's founded upon the knowledge that I have gathered and the wisdom that has been passed down along countless human generations .. indeed throughout the span and the spectrum of life.

Now, the issue is .. again .. Digital Literacy.

What I am setting out to accomplish is the process of learning this software, it's capacities, capabilities, tools and commands.

My understanding is that the sky is literally limitless .. with 3D Design .. quite naturally, I am absolutely out of my head with excitement about the possibilities with RHINO.

Now I would be remiss not to credit my dear friends Marcus and Andre who have patiently cornered me into becoming DIGITALLY LITERATE and a UTILITARIAN of true DIGITAL MEDIA.

I must confess .. the digital world does not come easy to me ..

Thinking in terms of 0 and 1 (or 2) is a challenge I am ready and eager to face.

My theory is pinned really on the number 8 .. essentially the 8 cardinal points (or the 4 cardinal directions .. which is to say the progression of 0 .. 1.. 2 ... 3... 4 .. (or 5!!! sseee what I mean ... )

So the ascending integral numbers theory carries on that way, and far surpasses the understanding of a limited 0/1 Universe .. 

Admittedly, I have lots to yet approach, understand, integrate ..

A primary area of interest is in the area of DNA .. and the 4 nucleic acids that make up the double helix .. 

The amount of coded information in DNA is staggering and we have just begun to postulate the possibilities of the enormity and depth and richness of living information contained and stored within the DNA.

I have no doubt that by exploring the sacred geometry we can uncover some of the principles and shed light on the mystery of the cosmos, life, consciousness .. by understanding the portals, the vortex of space, the whole, or hole of the EYE that SEES through the space, through the DIMENSIONS, and comprehends meaning and purpose, clarity and vision .. EQUALITY, BALANCE, SYMMETRY and REFLECTION.

Well, that will be it for now. 

It is 9:02 am in NYC.

I sit here at a small desk in my 1-bdrm apt. on the 11 fl of THE ASHLEY/ALDYN .. 

Ready to strike my spear into the HEART OF THE RHINO .. 


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